Sunday, 20 January 2013

It has been too long

The truth is on the list of things to do the blog just kept slipping to the bottom, which I never seemed to get to the bottom off. So sorry for those who come a visit for my general slackness.

But I have been painting slowly but surely over this time, both my own stuff and commissions.  So for the really lovely stuff first, early AB Napoleonic Russians for a chap in Scotland:

Early Ulans:

Early Cuirassier:

And some lovely artillery

And for my own collection, this bundle of Prussians I got in exchange for some painting (4 units of 16 Old Guard, AB minis as well) they are all old glory and minifigs.  Now as we all know compared to AB's most of these look a bit naff, so I took a three feet approach with them, if it looked ok when there were the full 24 figures together and painted, it was just left.  Now the speed I could go through this lot was amazing, the cavalry take longer but not much.  I will be sorting out the reserve infantry next. 

The box itself, 9 units of landwher on the right hand side, 24 figures each.  Two units of 12 cavalry on the right and assorted bits to finish in the middle.

   A little closer: 

Now that is a good start to blogging in 2013.  And a little late but I hope everyone has a good new year.