Wednesday, 30 April 2014

28mm Dark Age Saxons

So as well as painting figures I really should be painting for people (I am beavering away through some Napoleonic AB), I have been finishing off figures that have been half finished for goodness knows how long. 

A small bunch of really nice Dark age Saxons, I don't know what manufacturer the armored chaps are but the archers I am fairly sure are Foundry. I painted all the shields but I am not sure how they look.  

I am sure these are foundry but I would not bet on it.  

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

10mm Gauls for Hail Ceasar

And here is a slow burning project that I have been going away and coming back to it for months.  The cunning plan is to create a Gallic army, Carthaginian, Republican Roman and Spanish to start with. All of the standard units will be four bases each 4cm x 4cm.   Any small units will be 3 bases strong, which is most of the skirmishers.

And to start some of the skirmishers.  All of the figures are Pendraken or Adler 10mm (which are brilliant).   A unit of slingers first.

Skirmishers with javelins.

A few pictures of the warband, there are varying numbers of figures on each base.

And finally the warband in the really useful box.  I only intend to do another 11 bases of foot, and then a few units of cavalry.

The top layer.

This project is slowly coming together, I am doing the Gauls first as I knew the shields would drive me barmy.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Blogging again falls to the bottom of the heap.

Well I have managed to fail AGAIN on the blogging front.  I have been painting and wargaming and taking pictures then not putting them onto the interweb.

So there will be a few updates over the next week or two as I finally update this blog.

First up some figures I have had part done for months, 28mm Gripping beast Byzantine foot.  As with so many wargamers and modelers this was a total magpie moment, saw them went "shiny stuff", started these and then got dragged onto painting something different.  Chaps with spears were a nice change to the buckets of Napoleonic's I had been painting before.  

The shield have little big man transfers attached and I would recommend them to anyone.  I replaced the spears provided with steel (why do they bother with lead bendy nonsense anymore?).

If ever the day comes when I have the space to store 28mm armies I might try and get a load of these.