Sunday, 29 April 2012

10mm 7YW French

This period has been another favourite of mine, 7 year war in Western Germany.  In the main I find this more interesting than Fredrick's half of the war, Ferdinand managed alot with what he had, and the French in many ways were not that bad.  Either way, I painted the French first simply because all that white (and I know there is good argument for them being a grey, but I decided white at this scale) was going to drive me mad and I did not want to get disheartened before I got to the allies.  All the figures are 10mm Pendraken which are cracking little figures.  In the main I have not painted the waistcoats as you do not see them.

I have collected and painted the regiments who fought on the left flank at Krefield. All the bases are mdf, 3/4" across and 1" deep, 6 figures to a base, 7 base to a battalion.  No other reason than it looked good. 

 One of the brigades

The La Couronne regiment.  I know the French never carried the colonel and regiment flag together but I did this for the first battalion for each regiment, the flags were copied from the 7yw project, then painted over.

Swiss Regiment Lochmann, I like these boys.  

Now some cavalry...nine of the twelve units, each one represents 2 squadrons.

Any one of the many Royal regiments.

One of the line regiments...

Now the really useful boxful.

And the upper layer.

I will show off the Allies next. 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

My first time

My current wargame fad is 15mm Napoleonics, I always come back to this.  I went to Worcester Wargames club for the first time when I was 12 maybe 13 years old (I am 37 now) and played a Dark Age game, which was cracking.  But the game I remember was a peninsular game, using Bruce Quarrie rules and it just looked amazing.  The figures are still in use now occasionally although now we use black powder with some amendments, much quicker and actually much more fun but we all used to like the Quarrie rules.  Oh the joys of working out whether a unit had lost 1/8th or 1/10th of it strength and going through 2 pages of modifications.

Here are some of the figures I have done recently, they are AB miniatures (which are great).   The Pavloski Regiment,  the standards were replaced with steel wire, the flags downloaded from the Internet. 

These are also AB miniatures, peninsular war British, the standards were not replaced on these, the flags were purchased from fighting 15s range of AB flags, which although expensive are really very good.