Friday, 12 July 2013

Gets left for months then a load of pictures....

Well, so far this year the blogging has been a complete washout.  I could go into the reasons for this but they would just sound like excuses…which they are.

I have however been a busy chap painting figures and doing some wargaming.

The first bunch of figures for everyone to look at are revolutionary war Austrians, these are AB and painted as part of a commission.  The Sessener (or just red caps) were the most fun to paint, I do not think I have ever seen Napoleonic figures with quite so many weapons. 

The Dragoons are the 14th, the customer want these green and they are the only Austrian Dragoon regiment to wear green at this point. 

The following is just a selection of the pictures I took for the chap once they were finished. 

I will be posting some pictures of some Russians soon, honest.