Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Bit More Club

The Friends of General Haig (or FOGH for short) met up for the fortnightly bash at the local venue we use.  When ever I take my camera it is one chaps English civil war in Scotland all in 28mm.  There were only 5 of us in the end but as ever with Worcester Wargames club the number of figures on the table was huge (There were 14 units of 12 cavalry just for the new model army!!!).  

I took just  few photos with my rubbish camera

The initial Scottish deployment, the river on the right had the most annoying unit of dismounted dragoons on the planet, 
The poor Scots cavalry that actually did OK against the cream of the New model army horse, in the one moment of total glory they managed to defeat a unit that had Oliver Cromwell in who were defeated and routed never to be seen again.  

Just three, yes just three, units of the new model army, all of those pikes were steel, and drew blood on at least three occasions.  

One brigade of New Model army horse.........

The New Model army horse, in the game and historically they pretty much crushed the Scots horse then fell on the flank of the Scots foot who under my inspired leadership were starting to give the English foot a beating.  

This is the vast number of boxes for this part of his collection (and not the biggest part).  He has enough for  Naseby at 1 to 30......

They are all power mad I tell you. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

My own figures at last

I have squeezed in some of my own figures, hurrah!  My first 15mm napoleonic army were Minifig saxons, I loved them but got them back off a friend a while ago (I had not seen them for 10 years at least) and realised they just did not look very good.  So sold them and will now replace with AB's, here are the first two battalions.  All AB's, the standards are free on the internet but printed on a bloody good printer.

I love these guys, only 7 more to go.