Sunday, 29 April 2012

10mm 7YW French

This period has been another favourite of mine, 7 year war in Western Germany.  In the main I find this more interesting than Fredrick's half of the war, Ferdinand managed alot with what he had, and the French in many ways were not that bad.  Either way, I painted the French first simply because all that white (and I know there is good argument for them being a grey, but I decided white at this scale) was going to drive me mad and I did not want to get disheartened before I got to the allies.  All the figures are 10mm Pendraken which are cracking little figures.  In the main I have not painted the waistcoats as you do not see them.

I have collected and painted the regiments who fought on the left flank at Krefield. All the bases are mdf, 3/4" across and 1" deep, 6 figures to a base, 7 base to a battalion.  No other reason than it looked good. 

 One of the brigades

The La Couronne regiment.  I know the French never carried the colonel and regiment flag together but I did this for the first battalion for each regiment, the flags were copied from the 7yw project, then painted over.

Swiss Regiment Lochmann, I like these boys.  

Now some cavalry...nine of the twelve units, each one represents 2 squadrons.

Any one of the many Royal regiments.

One of the line regiments...

Now the really useful boxful.

And the upper layer.

I will show off the Allies next. 

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kingsleypark said...

Nicely done! Good detail on the figs although the Pendraken castings do help as they are top notch