Sunday, 2 September 2012

My own figures at last

I have squeezed in some of my own figures, hurrah!  My first 15mm napoleonic army were Minifig saxons, I loved them but got them back off a friend a while ago (I had not seen them for 10 years at least) and realised they just did not look very good.  So sold them and will now replace with AB's, here are the first two battalions.  All AB's, the standards are free on the internet but printed on a bloody good printer.

I love these guys, only 7 more to go. 


Crazy Joe said...

Beautifully done!

paulalba said...

Really nice unit,
I have this battalion in my very small Saxon army.
You done them proud.

Phil said...

This is a great work, a wonderful battalion...and a very very nice blog!

CplKelly said...

Thanks for the support guys. Need to get a move on to complete the brigades!