Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Midweek wargaming

Is a beautiful thing.  Got my 10mm 7yw armies out for a game against an old mate Dave. It was just a straight put figures on and try to defeat the other side.  This was the deployment right at the beginning, Dave had the forces of good King George and I had the dastardly French.  The Germans are at the top of the picture deployed between the two woods.  The French are at the bottom. Any dice in the pictures are hit markers. I need to make some others up. 

A quick shot of the French from the German lines:

The two lines in the middle just moved and got involved in a slow fire fight. Looked good but just lots of disorders on both side so not much exciting happening:

On the French right the poor French infantry were attacked by the finest cavalry in the world:

And surprisingly not only fight them off, but the cavalry rout and the unit left failed a morale throw and retreated disordered:

Then I rolled a blunder and one of those same French units charged the disordered Cavalry and beat them in hand to hand combat, the fact they could not counter charge really helped:

The French managed to break that cavalry brigade then attack into the woods and started to chew on the infantry defending the woods:

So although an infantry brigade from each side had been broken in the middle by slowly blowing each other to pieces, on the French left I managed to get an overwhelming number of guys and broke the infantry defending the woods.  A French win, and for the first time in weeks I won against Dave.  Hurrah.

Thanks for the photos from Dave, his camera is so much better than mine.

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