Wednesday, 10 October 2012

1813 Prussian Reserve Infantry

A small selection of the 144 figure commission I have just completed.  For uniforms that are really simple I had a right mare of a time getting the officers uniforms correct.  Again they are all ABs and they are a dream these are the 7th and 11th reserve, 12 figures per battalion.

The chaps with a white ring on the shakos are the 3rd battalion the 7th infantry.

As always ABs are really lovely to paint, they just need varnishing.  1806 Prussian Cavalry up next. 


Phil said...

Very nice figures, those prussians are looking great!

Phil said...

I agree with Phil, those Prussians look very nice indeed.

I just Love those 18mm AB miniatures!

your a very good painter sir!

paulalba said...

Lovely Prussians!