Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A bit of 1806 Prussian goodness

These are part of a commission for a French chap, bloody nice figures.  Ab's are just great to paint and I have a love of big silly hats, and Prussian cavarly have them in abundance.

The 8th hussar regiment, Bluechers own would you believe:

And for anyone in the know, are the shabreque and holster covers the cloth the right colour?  Osprey does not actually tell what the colour should be, just that they are the same.

Thanks for looking.  And two posts in one day, I am almost breaking into a sweat.


Dan said...

These are brilliant cave figures, love those Hussars.

Dan said...

Sorry, not sure what colour the furniture was.

Phil said...

Very nice figures! Hussar is my favourite!

Anonymous said...

Very effective paintwork mate, you've really brought out the character of the figures.