Sunday, 20 October 2013

28mm Napoleonics Again

So now I can actually get on blogger I am managing to update it more often.  Here are some of the miniatures I painted whilst I could not get on, French front rank in overcoats.  They are based on 40mm x 40mm mdf bases.  The flag was replaced with steel wire and is GMB (which are great by the way). 

As with most of the stuff I put on ebay these were purchased a long time ago as part of a giant project that never took off.  

I enjoyed painting these, before this it had been years since I had painted 28mm, it is fun but I have no where to put a single army never mind two.


DadExtraordinaire aka Marcus Maximus said...

Sorry I can't post on TMP at the mo' but these are lovely figures and can't wait for the next batch ;)

Chasseur said...