Saturday, 5 October 2013

I can finally get back on blogger! And some nice SAGA minis

I have been having issues getting onto blogger for the last couple of months.  Could not log in for love nor money, obviously I have now overcome that problem and am now back on. 

I have been painting like a demon and actually gaming every now and then as well.  So below are some figures I put on ebay, sold now but nice miniatures.  I purchased them some time ago with ideas for a great new project which then totally fell by the way side......

I ended up basing and selling them for SAGA, I have never played the game but it seems to be well liked.  Here are the first block of four, they are Gripping Beast Irish Fianna, I replaced the spears with steel ones from Gripping beast.  I used the little big man transfers, until now I was a transfer virgin.

And the second block of Fianna:

Some Gripping beast Norman cavalry, again I replaced the supplied spears for steel, I hand painted the shields on these:

Some black tress design huscarls, I do not think these are quite as nice as the gripping beast, the quality has more variation.  Here I had a crack at hand painting the shields. 

All in all it made a nice change from Napoleonics, I would recommend the transfers to anyone, they look better than my hand painted efforts and took no time at all.

There will be another update soon.   


Jim said...

Love the figures but especially the shields. Great work! SAGA, to me, is one of those games that really has longevity.

- Jim

Monty Luhmann said...

Great work, I especially love the scratch painted shields.