Wednesday, 16 April 2014

10mm Gauls for Hail Ceasar

And here is a slow burning project that I have been going away and coming back to it for months.  The cunning plan is to create a Gallic army, Carthaginian, Republican Roman and Spanish to start with. All of the standard units will be four bases each 4cm x 4cm.   Any small units will be 3 bases strong, which is most of the skirmishers.

And to start some of the skirmishers.  All of the figures are Pendraken or Adler 10mm (which are brilliant).   A unit of slingers first.

Skirmishers with javelins.

A few pictures of the warband, there are varying numbers of figures on each base.

And finally the warband in the really useful box.  I only intend to do another 11 bases of foot, and then a few units of cavalry.

The top layer.

This project is slowly coming together, I am doing the Gauls first as I knew the shields would drive me barmy.

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